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About DIOON Telecommunication


Dioon is a global company with operations in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. With over 15-years’ experience and through strategic development, Dioon provides a full range of solutions including Communication link, anechoic chambers, Electronic warfare, antennas, Radar, RF and microwave testing equipment and a wide range of Softwares.

Our mission is providing the finest products as well as the best support to our customers. In order to help our customers meet their goals, we constantly develop our products and design new products.

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We have operate our creative spirit and technical skills to design and promote the high-performance antenna, from low frequencies up to THz frequencies. our capabilities in the design of antennas are: standard horn, wideband horn, Reflector antenna, LPDA, Discone, Bioconical and custom solutions. The company has outstanding advantages in designing products with high power, high integration, high difficulty, and special needs.
Dioon’s Solutions is a world leader in the design, production and improvement technical solutions for telecommunication industries. we offer easy-to-use software solutions serving the current commercial, defence and security requirements. Dioon’s creative solutions is due to the wide line of products.
One of our standards through software design is that all add-on products work together Integrated without changing the user interface or modeling workflow.
Dioon’s expert team constantly offers best technical solutions and advanced products.