Communication innovation is advancing quickly, changing the way military powers communicate but also making new threats. We explore the most recent improvements in military communications networks and technology.

Military organizations require valid and secure communications through different vectors More than any other and on which clients can rely at any time, regardless of the theatre of operations. Our flexible solutions are appropriate to permanent or deployable command and control rooms.

Armed forces need their own highly secure communications equipment to succeed in their missions and safeguard national sovereignty. For decades, Dioon Technology has supplied ground, air and naval forces throughout the world with innovative intelligence and communications systems.

The defense industry refers to the sector involved in the research, development, production, and sale of military equipment, technology, and services. It encompasses a wide range of activities related to the defense and security of a nation, including the manufacturing of  vehicles, aircraft, ships, communication systems, and other defense-related equipment.

 The industry's primary goal is to support national defense and security by providing the necessary capabilities and technologies to protect a nation's interests and deter potential threats.